I spent my teen years and young adulthood immersed in American “fundagelical” Christian culture. During that time, I spent a year overseas with an Evangelical mission organization that functioned like a cult. After I left that ministry, I worked for three years under the direction of a spiritually abusive and controlling pastor. While I ultimately broke free of that relationship, the lingering trauma was devastating for my faith and my relationship with church.

I eventually went to seminary and earned a Master of Theology. Now I am a college professor, teaching Biblical Interpretation, New Testament, and Greek. I am also a confirmed Episcopalian and am in round two of seminary as I pursue ordination to the priesthood.

I use this blog to untangle the knots left in my heart and my theology after my experiences with the Evangelical church. I deconstruct the ideas that are harmful and move towards a healthy understanding of God, beginning with doctrine that is both ethical and that I can freely chose to embrace. Most of all, this is the place where I give honest voice to the dissent I felt but  silenced for too long when I was trying to be a good Evangelical Christian. Now that I am no longer concerned with getting the approval of an abusive community and its abusive god, I can be honest and pure in a way that I could never achieve by following the Holiness Codes.