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Oh, The Traumatic Cross!

For the past few years, I have found solace in the rhythms of the Anglican church year. I adore Advent, which is like Lent, but fun. And by the time Lent itself comes around, I’m feeling ready to embrace the ashes and the ritual of fasting that mark the season. I’m not giving anything up… Continue reading Oh, The Traumatic Cross!

Christian · episcopal · evangelical · Liturgy · Post-Evangelical · PTSD · Religion · Worship

On “Authentic Worship Experiences”

The lights dim, a guitar plays notes that don’t quite feel like a song yet, and the people around me start swaying and clasping their hands in front of their chests. Some heads bow, others tilt up, and most eyes are closed. “The altar is open if you need it,” the piano player says. Some… Continue reading On “Authentic Worship Experiences”