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My Church, My Church, Why Have You Forsaken Me?

This is the first Holy Week in fifteen years that has snuck up on me. I have not been participating in the church calendar–I haven’t even been going to services at a Christian church–and all of a sudden someone said it was Palm Sunday and I thought, “Really? Weird,” and finished getting my kids ready… Continue reading My Church, My Church, Why Have You Forsaken Me?

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What Is Truth?

One of my earliest memories of the Sacred occurred before I became a Christian. I was older than five, but younger than twelve, somewhere in that murky age where the magic of childhood had decidedly faded–I knew that the tooth fairy was really just my mom–but I was not yet old enough to care about… Continue reading What Is Truth?

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Well, Hey!

I’m back! I stopped blogging in March in anticipation of my second baby’s birth. I thought I’d be back in this space after about two months, but now my baby girl is nine months old and eating solid food and will probably be driving off to prom tomorrow. Part of the reason I was not… Continue reading Well, Hey!

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Oh, The Traumatic Cross!

For the past few years, I have found solace in the rhythms of the Anglican church year. I adore Advent, which is like Lent, but fun. And by the time Lent itself comes around, I’m feeling ready to embrace the ashes and the ritual of fasting that mark the season. I’m not giving anything up… Continue reading Oh, The Traumatic Cross!

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When The Kingdom Doesn’t Come

The day after the election, I was scrolling through Instagram when I noticed a distinct pattern. Now, no one in my feed was rejoicing over Donald Trump’s election win, so know that my feed definitely leans one way more than another. But hear me out on this one detail. Most of the white women I… Continue reading When The Kingdom Doesn’t Come

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On “Authentic Worship Experiences”

The lights dim, a guitar plays notes that don’t quite feel like a song yet, and the people around me start swaying and clasping their hands in front of their chests. Some heads bow, others tilt up, and most eyes are closed. “The altar is open if you need it,” the piano player says. Some… Continue reading On “Authentic Worship Experiences”